John Deere Classic/Birdies For Charity

Imagine if every time you donated to your favorite not-for-profit organizations, someone matched your gift with an additional 5%.  That’s what happens when you donate through the John Deere Classic Birdies for Charity.

There are several ways you can support Camp Shalom through the Birdies program.  You can simply donate, and it will be utilized to support our general operations through the Annual Fund.

You can also make directed donations through the Birdies program.  Fill out your Birdies form and turn it in as usual, then contact our office and let us know that you would like to designate that gift for the capital campaign.

Birdies for Charity in conjunction with the John Deere Classic is generally accepted as one of the finest charitable giving programs on the PGA Tour.  It is a testament to the generosity of John Deere, the Quad Cities community, and the tremendous effort of the tournament organization to make the John Deere Classic, Birdies for Charity program a success!

Last year approximately $10,000 was donated to Camp Shalom through the Birdies for Charity program.  For every dollar donated through the Birdies program, a bonus of at least 5% is paid to your selected charity.

Support Camp Shalom by requesting a Birdies for Charity pledge form at  and returning it to Camp Shalom.

  • You can also donate through the Birdies for Charity program at:
  • The Birdies number for Camp Shalom is:  1315
  • To Make a Pledge: Contact our office via email or by phone 563-323-2790 to request a pledge form. A pledge form can also be downloaded from the Birdies for Charity website.