Healthcare Coordinator Job Description

Health Care Coordinator job desc.

Revised January 2013

Health Care Staff
Health Care Administrator
The Executive Director is responsible for writing the Health Care Plan.
The Executive Director is responsible for a professional review of Health Care Plan and establishing pre-camp communication with emergency services – fire and ambulance services, physician and hospital resources.
The Executive Director is responsible for making sure a qualified person is employed as the Health Care Director.
The Executive Director is responsible for providing health care and emergency procedure training to summer staff.
Program Director is responsible for supervising the implementation of the Health Care Plan, summer staff health care conduct, and emergency procedures.
Program Director is responsible for the off-site management of Health History forms.
Health Care Coordinator
The Health Care Coordinator can be a certified and currently practicing Registered Nurse (RN is preferred), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). However, since the Health Care Coordinator can only administer basic first aid and manage prescribed medication, Camp Shalom will use either students in Nursing School or students in Medical School who possess current certification as a Medication Manager.
The Health Care Staff may be more than one person working cooperatively to cover responsibilities. In the case of multiple Health Care Staff, one person is designated as the Director.
The Health Care Coordinator:
Supervises camper screening.
Maintains all health care records.
Administers daily medications.
Consults with Program Director and counselors regarding camper health concerns.
Communicates special health concerns to Program Director and counseling staff.
Maintains regular on-site hours. Infirmary times include consistent morning and afternoon periods of operation. Health Care Director maintains phone contact with camp when off- site.
Evaluates and treats medical problems that occur.

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