Camp Shalom offers a variety of opportunities for young adults to serve as summer camp staff. The summer staff work long hours and perform a wide range of duties, all of which ultimately serve our campers. Working at Camp Shalom will likely be the most fulfilling work experience you ever have. You can learn more about the different positions below.



Camphand is an entry-level position at Camp Shalom. Though camphands keep camp clean, serve meals, and provide support to campers and staff, they also learn how counselors work to provide campers with life-changing experiences. There are also ample opportunities for camphands to lead games, wear banana costumes, and sing show tunes! 


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Having fun while serving others!


Being a counselor at a summer camp is a life-changing experience for many young adults. As a counselor at Camp Shalom you have the opportunity to provide young people the best week of their entire year. By building comradery with and among your campers, leading impactful Bible studies, and giving them space to be goofy, the campers you serve will also learn lifelong lessons. Many of your campers will never forget you or the effect you have on them.


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Changing lives—including yours!


When you are a member of the Summer Leadership Team at Camp Shalom, you learn very quickly your role is more about serving others than being in charge. Being a good leader requires patience, compassion, dedication, and selflessness. You will often be the first one up and the last to bed. It will be your responsibility to keep campers and staff safe, on time, and ensure everyone is having a blast! Leadership staff work closely with each other and are supported by an experienced programming team. 


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Helping staff and campers succeed!


At Camp Shalom we seek to provide a safe and healthy experience for our campers and staff, including medication management by a certified administrator. In addition to handling meds, the Healthcare Coordinator also provides basic first aid and assesses minor injuries and illnesses. The responsibilities of the Healthcare Coordinator at Camp Shalom prepare many of the people who serve in this position for careers in the healthcare industry. If you are majoring in nursing or medicine, this position may be perfect for you.


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Keeping campers and staff healthy!


The program leaders at Camp Shalom provide expertise in certain activities to ensure a safe and enriching experience. Some program leader positions (e.g. Waterfront Director, High Ropes Leader) require training and certification, while others (e.g. Arts & Crafts Leader) simply require a passion for the activity. Program leaders work with multiple cabin groups during the week and support their assigned program area when they are not leading activities. If you are passionate about a particular activity or want to hone your leadership skills, a program leader position may be ideal for you. 

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Providing safe and enriching experiences!

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