Assistant Counselor Application



  • Must have completed 10th grade by the beginning of summer
  • Applications will be available starting March 1, 2024
  • Must be able to make a consecutive, two-week commitment*
  • Submit a completed application with AC session requests
  • If you cannot make a consecutive, two-week commitment then you will be put on a wait list. Once AC spots have been assigned, the Program Director will try to accommodate the applicants on the wait list.

During your two weeks at camp you are considered a responsible volunteer/assistant to the Camp Shalom staff. Assistant Counselors help the weeks run smoothly and make camp a safe, lively, fun place to be. They help draw campers into the Christ-centered camp community and are role models for faithful Christian living. At the beginning of the week, Assistant Counselors will be assigned to assist a Counselor with his/her cabin and possible program responsibilities. Assistant Counselors also assist with support staff, washing dishes and doing other duties as assigned.

You will attend leadership development sessions throughout the two-week commitment, led by the A.C. Director. During the second week you will lead Sunday evening worship and put your other leadership skills to work. You will have the weekend off in between your two-week commitment. Although you are not a part of the full-time summer staff, you are an integral part of the weeks that you attend.

Session A: June 9-14, June 16-21 (weeks 1 & 2)

Session B: June 23-28, July 14-19 (weeks 3 & 6)

Session C: July 21-26, July 28 - August 2 (weeks 7 & 8)

Training for this volunteer position is incorporated into the beginning of each two-week session.

The staff will evaluate you during your two weeks at Shalom, affirming your gifts and pointing out areas of improvement.

Assistant Counselors who distinguish themselves during their two weeks at Camp Shalom may be invited back for a third week as an AC later in the summer.

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