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Why to Come to Camp Without Your Friends

Back in 2016 we made a significant change to our registration process. Instead of permitting an unlimited number of cabin buddy requests, which sometimes led to webs of 12 or 15 kids all wanting to be together in a cabin with 8 beds, we limited each camper to a single buddy request. It was the…
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Camp Shalom Newsletter – March 2023

Recently I asked Tom, our Executive Director, why we no longer distribute a monthly camp newsletter. He couldn’t remember when or why we stopped sending it. I dug up a folder full of my old “Minute with Ben” newsletter segments and found that my most recent contribution came in August 2017. So yeah, it’s been…
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Being Aware

To maintain our accreditation with the American Camp Association, it is necessary to develop and update a series of procedure manuals. The manuals are used as teaching aids during staff training and teach staff things they will need to know to about teaching bible study, doing dishes, taking an off-site trip and what to do…
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